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RS WIFI App | Every Feature Tested and Explained

RS WIFI app is an official app to manage Rockspace Routers and Mesh WIFI systems. This app allows users to manage or change settings on their Rockspace WIFI devices. Rockspace managed to provide its users an simple and easy to use user interface.

This article will go through every single feature of the RS WIFI app to analyze how easy it is to navigate within the app. This article will also shed light on the functionality of every feature present in the app.

Currently, this app does not support Rockspace extenders it only works with Rockspace routers and Mesh WIFI systems. We used this app with the Rockspace AC2100 router. This article aims to analyze the user-friendliness of the app.

Where and how to download the RS WIFI app?

We know geek freaks that most of us already knows where to download this app but this article aims to provide information to people of all backgrounds. There are some people who do not know where they can get this app from. So this section of the article is dedicated to them. Follow the instructions below to get the latest version of the RS WIFI app.

First off you need to identify which phone are you using, for this purpose just check out the make of your smartphone. If your smartphone is made by Apple it is an iPhone, if it is made by someone else other than Apple it is an android phone.

Steps for Apple iPhone:

  • Open Apple App store.
  • Search for Rockspace WIFI App.
  • Click on download and wait for 1 minute.
  • The app is installed on your iPhone.

Steps for an Android Phone:

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for Rockspace WIFI App.
  • Click on install and wait for 1 minute.
  • Now the app is installed on your phone.

So after getting the app you would need to know how to use this app. Do not worry we have it covered within this article itself. RS WIFI app is used to set up and manage Rockspace routers and Mesh WIFI system settings.

Key Features of RS WIFI App

As we discussed already that this article aims to analyze every feature of the Rockspace WIFI app. We will every feature of this app one by one.

  • Setup: Rockspace WIFI app allows users to set up Rockspace routers and Mesh WIFI systems with ease. It creates a setup process simple and easy to use for people of all backgrounds. Download the RS WIFI app and follow simple steps to complete the setup of your Rockspace device.
  • Manage: This app also allows users to manage or change any settings on their Rockspace device. Therefore ease of using a Rockspace device on top of its competitors.
  • Analyze: RS WIFI app has some unique feature that helps users to analyze their WIFI network hence users can keep an eye on their network performance.
  • Security: Rockspace WIFI app prioritizes security. one of its main features is to check the security settings of the Rockspace router. This feature allows users to make any changes in the security settings of their router.

Analyzing all the options within the app

In this section, the article will mention and explain all the present features of the Rockspace WIFI app. Therefore some screenshots are attached to make navigation through the app easy.

  1. Internet Info: Internet info provides some useful information such as Connection type, IP address, ISP’s information, etc.
  2. WIFI Name and Password: It should be clear by its name that this option allows users to manage their WIFI settings such as SSID (WIFI Name), and Password.
  3. Reboot: This option helps users to restart their router remotely.
  4. Internet Settings: This option allows users to change their internet settings such as routers’ IP addresses, DHCP settings, etc.
  5. Login Password: Change the login password for the Rockspace router using this feature. Additionally, this password is used to login into your router settings so make it different than the WIFI password.
  6. Blacklist: Blacklist shows all those devices that you have blocked in the past it also lets users unlock a device.
  7. System Update: To get the most out of any networking device it should be using the latest technology therefore system update option allows users to update their routers to the latest firmware.
  8. LED Control: It is clear by its name that this feature allows users to control the status of LED lights on their Rockspace device.
  9. Reset: Sometimes routers start providing sluggish performance therefore reset feature come in handy and it allows users to reset their router to the factory defaults.

Smart Features of the RS WIFI app:

Smart features allow users to accelerate their WIFI performance so that they can use their Rockspace router to the fullest. Let’s discuss all the smart features of the RS WIFI App in detail.

  1. Accelerate WIFI: Accelerated WIFI option automatically analyzes the congestion situation of different WIFI channels on your Rockspace router. This helps in the acceleration of the performance of your router.
  2. WIFI Schedule: Users can schedule WIFI uptime using this feature. It helps in saving electricity and the internet if there is a predefined limit on WIFI usage.
  3. Transmit Power: This router is a powerful router and helps users to get WIFI coverage throughout their entire home. Therefore users can define the transmit power using this feature.
  4. Security Check: Security Check feature analyzes the security situation of the router and helps users to identify any possible security threats.
  5. Remote WakeUp: Using this feature users can turn on their router from a remote location without pushing the physical on/off button of the router.
  6. Guest Network: As the name suggests it allows users to create and manage the Guest WIFI of the router. Using guest WIFI feature users can create a separate WIFI network for their guests.

Finally we can say that Rockspace has done a truly remarkable job to make setup process and management of the router simple and easy to use for its users. However, a more tech savy user can access most of these settings through an web portal using the default IP address of the Rockspace router.

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