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How to Perform a Factory Reset on the Rockspace router?

Trying to connect your Rockspace router and wondering how to reset Rockspace router? Do not worry we got you covered. There are various situations where you might want to reset your Rockspace router to the factory settings we will discuss all that in this article so make sure to read it full.

Why a Factory Reset on the Rockspace Router is needed?

As we discussed earlier already that there are various situations you might come across where a reset on the Rockspace router is a must need. So without any further ado, let’s discuss all the various circumstances.

  • Change in ISP: If you just changed your internet service provider a reset on the rockspace router is a must needed because it will erase all the previous settings.
  • Due to thunderstorms: Sometimes thunderstorms mess up with our internet settings and our internet service provider had to come out to save us.
  • Change in Modem: In case your service provider for whatever reason just changed your internet modem and you would need to reconnect your rockspace router to the new modem.
  • Sluggish performance: Sometimes due to heavy usage or other reasons our rockspace router stops perfoming the way it used to when it was brand new. In this situation you can try to reconnect your router to your internet modem.

Steps to perform a successful factory reset on the Rockspace Router:

If you already know that the issue you are facing would not be resolved unless you reset it then just follow the instructions given below.

  1. Unplug all the cables from the Rockspace router except the power cable.
  2. Find a paperclip or any sharp object for the process.
  3. Check for the reset button on the Rockspace router.
    Note: Sometimes the reset button is push-button but sometimes it is within the hole that would be labeled as reset.
  4. Push the reset button for 10 seconds.
  5. Make sure your router stays connected to the power through this process.
  6. After pushing the button your rockspace router will reboot which indicates a successful factory reset.

To verify if your router is successfully going back to the factory settings or not, open WIFI settings on your device such as a computer or a smartphone. Now, look for the Rockspace WIFI, if you see this WIFI in this WIFI list that means your router went back to the factory settings.

If you have any other issues related to your Rockspace device you can ask questions to our experts or read our blog.