Rockspace Extender Setup With is the default IP address for Rockspace Extender Setup

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Rockspace Extenders are slowly emerging to be one of the best extender brands in the market. Use a rockspace extender to eliminate WIFI dead zones around your home.

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Rockspace Extender Setup With

We can do rockspace extender setup with also. Because the default IP address, but this will work only for the new extenders. If your extender is old, you need to reset your extender to the factory settings. Make sure your device is connected to the WiFI Network before typing in the browser.

Follow the steps for Rocksapce Extender Setup with :

  • Plug your extender into the power and wait for the solid BLUE light on power.
  • Connect your device to the WiFi Network.
  • Open a web browser and type http://re.rockspace.local or in the address bar.
  • It will take you to the login screen where you can create a login password for future login. Click on Next.
  • Now it will scan your network. You need to select your network and the window will prompt up.
  • Enter your wifi password and change the Network Name of your extender if you want. Otherwise, it will pick up the router’s network name which will end up with _EXT.
  • Finally, click on Extend. It will take few seconds to establish the connection between router and extender.
  • After set up you will get Two solid BLUE lights on it.

If the above instructions do not work for Rockspace Extender Setup with :

Sometimes extender does not obtain its own IP address. It obtains the IP address automatically. So, you need to find which IP address has been assign to the extender. Follow the steps below to locate the IP address.

  • Connect an ethernet cable from your extender to the computer. 
  • Then, on your computer Press the Windows + R button. It will prompt the Run box at the left bottom side of your computer screen.
  • In the Run box type cmd and click on OK.
  • It will open a cmd terminal window. In the cmd window, you need to type ipconfig and press ENTER button.
  • In the terminal window, you need to locate the default gateway. In front of the default gateway, you will see the IP address. This is the IP that you need to use for the setup.