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Rockspace AC750 Setup – Easy and Complete Guide

Just bought a Rockspace AC750 extender and wondering how to connect it to your existing wireless router? Do not worry we got you covered. Rockspace AC750 setup can be done through several different methods such as WPS or re.rockspace.local.

Before starting with the Rockspace AC750 setup let’s get to know your extender. It is always a good thing to know about the device before you start messing up with the device, just joking!

Overview of Rockspace AC750 Extender

As the name suggest this an AC750 extender that can help you increase the range of your WIFI in your home. If you have been getting slow speed in your bedroom perhaps this extender can boost the range of your WIFI so that you can enjoy your favorite movie.

The compact design makes it easy to place it in small places. Smart LED’s lets you choose the best spot for your extender so that you can use it to the fullest. One ethernet port gives you the opportunity to get a wired connection to your computer without moving your computer or to use this extender as an access point.

At the bottom of your Rockspace AC750 extender, you have an ethernet port to connect your computer or gaming console with the cable and a factory reset button. Let’s understand how smart LEDs react in different scenarios.

LED Behaviour of AC750 Extender

Power LED:

No Light means that your extender is not turned on.

Blinking Blue means extender is powering up or booting up.

Solid Blue means extender is fully powered up.

Solid or Blinking RED states that extender has a corrupted firmware.


No Light states that WPS is not in use.

Blinking Blue states that WPS process is in progress.

Solid Blue states that a WPS connection has been established successfully.

Signal LED:

No Light states no connection with wireless router.

Solid Blue states that extender has connection to your wireless router.

Red Light states that extender is far from the router.

Note: When the extender has a connection with the router only power and signal lights stay solid. WPS light only lights up for 2 minutes after the setup.

Methods for Rockspace AC750 extender setup to the router

As we discussed earlier there are several methods to connect your AC750 extender to the router. More specifically the WPS method and the web UI method. Let’s discuss these methods in detail.

Rockspace AC750 Setup using Web UI

In order to follow along with the instructions of Rockspace AC750 setup, you need to make sure that your wireless router is turned on and has an active internet connection. Your extender must be within 10 feet of your wireless router for the first time set up after the initial setup you can move your extender to your desired location.

You can follow these instructions on any of your wireless devices such as computer, smartphone, iPad Amazon Kindle, etc. Make sure that your mobile data is turned off if you’re using a smartphone for the initial setup. Follow the instructions below for the Rockspace AC750 setup using web UI.

  • Plug your extender into a power outlet.
  • Make sure that your extender is within 10 feet of your wireless router.
  • Wait for the blinking light to turn solid blue.
  • Open wireless settings on your device.
  • Connect your device with wifi network.
how to reset rockspace ac750
  • Create a login password for your extender on this screen
rockspace ac750 setup
  • Now choose your SSID or wireless network.
rockspace ac750 extender
  • Type your wireless network’s security key or WIFI password.
  • On this screen you can choose the name of your extended WIFI or if you do not want to make any changes leave it as it is.
rockspace ac750 setup
  • After typing in the network security key click extend.
  • The next screen will let you know if the extender setup was successful or not.
Rockspace AC750

Your extender is now connected to your wireless router and ready to move to your desired location. Plug your extender to a place where you do not get proper WIFI signals from your router.

Rockspace AC750 setup using WPS

If the web UI method did not work for you or you find it hard and complicated to follow, perhaps you can try to connect your Rockspace AC750 extender using WPS. Follow the instructions below for the WPS method to connect your extender to the router:

rockspace ac750 setup
  • Plug your extender to a power outlet.
  • Your extender should be within 10 feet of your existing wireless router.
  • Check if your router supports WPS.
  • Make sure that WPS is enabled on your wireless router.
  • Push the WPS button on your extender.
  • Now push the WPS on your wireless router.
  • If the WPS light on your extender turns solid blue that means your extender is connected.
  • After 30 seconds your extender will get the signal light.

How to factory reset the AC750 Extender?

If your extender is giving problems working with the internet or it just not connecting to the wireless router, you could try to reset this extender to the factory settings. You would need a paperclip for the reset and make sure your extender is plugged in to the power when you do the reset on this extender.

Follow the instructions to reset your Rockspace AC750 to the factory settings:

  • Get a paperclip to perform a factory reset on this extender.
  • Plug your extender to the power.
  • Push the reset button on the extender.
  • Hold it for 10 seconds while its plugged in to the power.
  • The power light will blink and then turn to solid blue.
  • The solid power after a blink shows that your extender is reset to the factory settings.

So now your extender is reset to the factory settings and ready to reconnect to your WIFI router. Follow the instructions given above for Rockspace AC750 setup. In case if you still get any issues while getting it to setup you can talk to one of our experts who would help you to set up your extender.