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How to Setup Rockspace Mesh WiFi System?

Setup Rockspace Mesh WiFi System
Rockspace Mesh WiFi System

This guide is about to setup Rockspace Mesh WiFi System. It is a new generation router, Rockspace Home WiFi System creates an OneMesh Network. It uses both bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz and converts both bands in a single connection. Rockspace Mesh WiFi System can transmit data to all of your devices at a similar data transfer rate. The user can also enable the QoS (Quality of Services) feature for an amazing gaming experience.

Setup Rockspace Mesh WiFi System with RS Wi-Fi App

Rockspace mesh wifi system setup is very easy to do with RS Wi-Fi App. The user can simply follow the instructions on the app. First of all, you need to download the RS Wi-Fi App, you can download this by searching RS WiFi in AppStore/Google Play Store.

Setup the Primary Node to setup Rockspace Mesh WiFi System

The first node you setup, functions as a primary node and the others work as secondary nodes. Once your primary node will be setup, after that you can connect your secondary nodes. To set up the primary node follow the steps below:

  • Power off your modem and remove the battery if any.
  • Use the Ethernet cable to connect a LAN port of the modem and the WAN/LAN port of any node. This node is your primary node.
  • Power on your modem and let it boot up.
  • Use the power adapter included in the box and connect your Primary Node to the power source. Now, LED lights will turn green and blink faster. Wait for about 1 minute, until the blinking light will slow down. This indicates that your Primary Node is completely booted up.

Connect the Primary Node to the Internet

  • Go to the WiFi Network setting on your mobile phone, select the SSID of your primary node, and enter the password for this. If you are not sure about the SSID and Password, then it is mentioned on the label of any node.
  • Open RS WiFi App on your mobile phone. The setup wizard appears and Tap on “Setup”.
  • Now, RS WiFi App will automatically detect the internet connection type. Enter the information according to the connection and click on “Next”. Your mesh unit has an internet connection and the app will take you to the next step.
  • If you have connection type PPPoE. Enter your PPPoE username and password and click “Next”. If you have connection type dynamic IP, click “Next”. But if you have connection type static IP, enter the IP address and other information provided by your ISP, and click “Next”.
  • Now, set up the Network Name and Password for Primary Node and click on “OK”.
  • Once your node is setup, then LED lights will turn to solid green.

Connect the Secondary Node to the Internet

  • Place your node in an open area, make sure you don’t have a lot of walls in between. Also, keep you nodes away from an electronic device that has strong interference, such as a refrigerator and microwave.
  • Use a power adapter to connect other secondary nodes to the power outlet. Now, wait for about one minute, the secondary node is connecting to the primary node. If you see blinking green light.
  • Watch the LED indicator carefully, if you see Solid Green it means it has a strong connection. If is it Solid Yellow, then it has a fair connection. But if you have Solid Red, it shows no connection.
  • If secondary nodes do not have Solid Green LED then relocate your node and try a different location.
Setup Rockspace Mesh WiFi System
LED Status

How can I access the Internet on Rockspace Mesh WiFi System?

The user can access the internet in Rocksapce Mesh WiFi System in two Via Ethernet Connection and Via Wireless Connection.

Via Ethernet Connection: Connect the ethernet cable between device and your Rockspace Mesh Node.

Via Wireless Connection: Open WiFi Network Settings on the device that you want to connect to the Rockspace Mesh System. Select the Network Name that you have created while setting up the Rockspace Mesh WiFi System and Enter the password.