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Getting No Internet On Rock Space Extender

If you are getting no internet on rock space extender and don’t know what is the reason and how to fix it? Don’t worry, this article will help to understand why it happens and how you can get rid of this issue.

There are two situations that we can see or get No Internet on the Rock Space extender. First is, when our extender is new and it is not set up yet. The second is when our extender is configured and while connecting the device it shows No Internet under wifi connections.

We will talk about these two situations one-by-one and will see how to fix it.

The extender is New and Shows No Internet

Actually, this is not an issue. This is mainly the lack of knowledge and awareness. According to the manual or instruction booklet, it says connect your wireless device with Rockspace_EXT. Then, enter the setup URL in the browser. But when the user connects his wireless device with Rockspace_EXT. It shows No Internet on the device and when the user sees this, he thinks how will I be able to access the setup URL if I am not getting internet on the device.

So here’s the catch, Rockspace_EXT is the default SSID of the Rock Space extender. Apart from the SSID, the setup URL is also the default URL, to access the setup URL. You don’t need an internet connection. But your wireless device has to be connected with Rockspace_EXT.

Getting No internet on rock space extender

This the mistake that most of the time user does. So if you see Rockspace_EXT in the wifi connection, it means it is on the default setting. To configure it, you don’t need any internet connection on the device.

In case, if you do not see Rockspace_EXT in the wifi connection. Then you can reset rock space extender to factory settings. After resetting this, it will come up with Rockspace_EXT.

Getting No Internet On Rock Space Extender Even It Is Configured

This is not a very common issue but when it occurs, it is very frustrating. The reason why this issue occurs, when we do not follow the correct instructions or we skip any instruction while setting this up. Well, there is one rule that you must follow to avoid No Internet issue after setup. This is not written in the manual or instruction booklet that is rebooting the router and the modem before setting this up.

Sometimes what happens when you do not reboot your router and modem. Then, your extender seems to be configured, because you will get two solid Blue lights on it and even you will be able to see it in the wifi connections as well. But when you try to connect your device with it. It will show you No Internet and you won’t be able to browse anything on your device.

How can I fix it?

To fix this issue, is not a difficult task. You just need to repeat the process once again. Follow the steps below:

If you don’t know the setup instruction – follow the manual Rock Space Extender Setup Guide

In case, the above method does not help you. Then, you can try to upgrade the firmware of your extender and check are you still getting No Internet on the device.