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How To Connect Smart TV With Rock Space Extender?

Facing trouble when you connect Smart TV with Rock Space extender? Don’t worry, this article will help you to resolve this issue. You can connect your Smart TV with your router as well. But you want to connect this with your extender. It means your router is not capable to send wifi signals to the Smart TV.

We use a Rock Space extender to extend the wifi coverage and increases the stability as well. Once you get a stable connection and connect Smart TV with Rock Space extender then you will not face buffering issues.

Rock Space offers some great wifi extender models such as AC750, AC1200, AC2100, and AX1800 for network expansion. AX1800 is the newly launched extender that provides you WiFi 6 technology. It helps you to provide a faster and strong connection in the entire house. So that you can connect your devices anywhere in the house.

Steps to connect Smart TV with Rock Space extender

Before we dig into the setup process, make sure your extender is configured. These instructions will work only once your extender is set up. If you don’t know how to set up an extender or you are facing any issues while doing the setup. Then you can follow the extender setup guide by clicking here – Setup Rock Space Extender.

Great! I believe you have successfully configured your extender and you are getting signal LED on the extender. Now, we can move further to connect your smart tv.

Follow the steps below to connect smart tv with extender:

  1. Connect your Smart TV to the power source and let it boot up first.
  2. Plug your extender close to the smart tv or if your router is too far you can plug your extender in a mid-way of your router and smart tv.
  3. Let your extender boot up as well, wait for the solid LED on the signal.
  4. Use your TV remote and look for the Settings and select that option.
  5. Under setting look for Network Setup and select that option.
  6. Under network setup, you will see connect with wireless option.
  7. Choose a wireless option and it will start scanning the network available nearby.
  8. Select your Rock Space extender’s wifi and now it will ask to enter the wifi password for the network that you have selected.
  9. Enter the password and click on Connect or Next. It will take few seconds and will get connected.

Once your Smart TV is connected with the extender. Then, try to browse something on the TV and make sure if you are able to pull up something on it. In case you are getting less signals and signal strength is weak. Then, try to move your extender close to the Smart TV and check it again.

How can I check the best location for the extender

You can find the best location with the help of signal LED light. As long as you are getting solid blue signal light on it. It means your extender is at the right location and it had stable and strong connection with router.

If Signal LED turn from blue to red in color then try to change the location ubtil you get solid blue light on it.

This is all about connecting smart tv with a Rock Space extender. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the Ask Question section.