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Can I Use More Than One Rock Space?

If you are looking for an answer of can I use more than one Rock Space extender? Then, this is the right article for you. In this article, we will talk about the question like, how can you configure more than one rock space extender? and can we daisy chain extenders? We will be discussing both options one by one.

If I talk about using more than one rock space extender. Then, the answer is Yes, yes you can use more than one extender at a time. It does not matter how many extenders you have or you are using. The only thing that matters is, how you are going to configure all the extenders. Because sometimes, when we use multiple wifi extenders then there is a possibility that IP confliction will occur.

Actually what happens when the user tries to connect his first extender via the WPS method. Then extender gets the IP address and it gets the Network name as well. The Network Name will start with the same as your router and will end up with _EXT for example; MyWiFi_EXT. Here MyWiFi is the Network Name for the router.

Now suppose your first extender is all connected and you are going to connect the second one. Let’s say your second extender gets configured but it will also get the same Network Name and there is a chance it will get the same IP address too. In this case, the chances of IP conflict will be increased.

If this is the case then you need to configure all your extenders one by one using the web browser method. You don’t need to configure your extenders with the WPS method. Make sure you try to configure all extenders one by one.

Steps To Configure Multiple Extenders One By One

Let’s configure first extender,

  1. Plug your extender into the power outlet and make sure you get solid power LED on it.
  2. Use any wireless device such as phone, tablet, and laptop.
  3. Open WiFi settings on your device and try to connect your device with the Rockspace_EXT network.
  4. After your device is connected to the Rockspace_EXT, open any browser on your device.
  5. In the browser you need to type the default setup URL that is re.rockspace.local or
  6. Now, it will take you to the login screen. Here, you need to create a log in password.
  7. After creating the login password click on Next.
  8. It will start scanning the network nearby. You need to select the wifi that you would like to extend.
  9. After selecting the wifi name you need to enter the wifi password for the network that you want to extend.
  10. Now here you need to pay attention. The place where it is asking you to enter the wifi password. There it will also give you an option to change the wifi name of the extender, make sure you use a different name over here not the same one.
  11. Once you change the network name for the extender click on Extend and your extender will be configured successfully.

Note: If you don’t change the network name for the extender while setting this up. Then, it will create trouble while connecting the second extender. Every time you set up your extender make sure you give different names to avoid conflict.

If you do this, you can add multiple wifi extenders on one network without any trouble.

This is all about using multiple extenders on the same network. But if you still have any questions then you can ask your queries under the Ask Questions section.