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How to connect Netgear Arlo with Rockspace extender?

Arlo is a smart security camera system from Netgear. You connect your Netgear Arlo with Rockspace using the Arlo app on your smartphone or tablet. Arlo is the first and only smart home security camera system that enables users to capture high-definition video.

Rockspace extender is compatible with your Netgear Arlo camera system. However, for that, you would need to connect the Arlo base station with the Rockspace extender using an ethernet cable.

Note: The Arlo device will be connected to the base station’s hidden WIFI and it does not directly connects to Rockspace. However, base station gets internet through an ethernet cable plugged directly into Rockspace.

Preparation before the setup process

  • Make sure your extender is already connected to the router and has 2 solid blue lights on it.
  • If your Arlo was connected previously, please do a factory reset on the base station.
  • Get an ethernet cable long enough that will reach connect your base station with the rockspace.
  • The batteries for the Arlo camera should be charged.

If your Rockspace extender is not connected to the router and you want to get assistance on that you can refer to the troubleshooting section of our website or ask questions from the experts.

Steps to connect Netgear Arlo with Rockspace Extender

Netgear Arlo smart security system is easy to connect and use device. Follow the instructions below to connect Arlo with the Rockspace Extender.

  • Plug your Rockspace extender to the power and wait for the solid blue lights.
  • Connect an ethernet cable between your Rockspace extender and the Netgear Arlo base station.
  • Plug your Arlo Base station to the power.
  • Download the Arlo on your smartphone from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Now open Arlo app on the smartphone and click on the new system setup.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your account setup.
  • Within the account setup instructions, it will ask to choose a service plan that you would need to pay for, and if you do not wish to pay for it just yet scroll down to the bottom and click on the standard plan that is free.
  • The next screen will ask you to connect your camera, click on continue.
  • To set up your camera insert batteries into the camera.
  • Now bring your cameras within 3ft of the Arlo Base station.
  • The next step is to sync with the base station and for that, press the sync button on the base station. The sync status LED will start blinking.
  • Now press the sync button on your camera as well until the blue starts flashing on the camera.
  • If the blink LED starts blinking rapidly that means your camera is now synced with the base station.
  • If you blinking amber light on the camera that means you would need to repeat the process again.
  • Repeat this process for each of your cameras.

So now you have successfully connected your cameras to the Rockspace extender. All the Arlo cameras are waterproof that means you can place these cameras outdoors or indoors according to your preference.

In case if you are still getting some issues with your cameras or Rockspace extender, feel free to ask questions to our experts and they will provide the best-in-class assistance.