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How to connect Rockspace Extender as an Access Point?

In order to connect the Rockspace extender as an access point mode, you would need an ethernet cable long enough that could easily reach your router. Access Point is a device that creates a wireless network to connect devices. It is easy to use and set up. Most of the Rockspace extenders support access point mode.

Before you begin with the setup Rockspace extender as an access point mode, you would need to check if your version of the extender supports Access Point Mode or not. You could easily find this information in the user manual that came with your extender.

Preparation before setup:

There are some things that you would need to keep in mind before you begin with the setup process of your rockspace extender. Please read the following list to prepare yourself before you start with the setup process.

  • Check if your extender supports Access Point mode. To find if your extender is capable of working as an access point, check the user manual that came with the extender.
  • Get an ethernet cable long enough that would easily make a connection between your extender and the router. For example: if you plan to use this extender 30ft. away from the router, make sure you have an ethernet cable that long.
  • If your extender was previously working as a normal extender, you would need to reset it to the factory defaults. In order to Reset your extender to the factory settings click here.

After analyzing aforesaid things you are ready to connect your extender as an access point. So let’s get started.

Rockspace extender setup as an Access Point

In case your extender was already working before and you have done a factory reset on the extender make sure that your extender has a solid blue light on the power. Let’s get started with the setup process.

  • Plug your extender to the power and make sure you have got a solid blue light.
  • Connect an ethernet cable between your Rockspace extender and the router.
  • Make sure the light on the ethernet port is green, this indicates that a successful connection was made.
  • Connect your wireless devices such as a tablet, smartphone, or computer with the rockspace_EXT.
rockspace extender setup as an access point
  • Open a web browser on a device such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.
  • Type re.rockspace.local or on the browser. Make sure you type it on the web address bar, not on the Google search.
  • It should take to the login screen. Here you would need to click on the switch mode option.
  • Next screen should ask you to create a network name and password.
  • After choosing your network name and password click on next.
  • The setup screen will take about one minute to connect your extender to the router.
  • Once connected your extender should get 2 solid blue lights. Power and Signal light will turn on but the WPS light will stay off.

Now your extender is connected to the router as an access point mode. Do not unplug the ethernet cable after the setup is done. If the cable is not secured make sure you do it so no one would knock it off accidentally. Access point mode provides you better connection than the normal extender. In case you decide to use it further away than the initial place, you would just need to get an ethernet cable longer than that and just connect your extender and the router with it. You would be good to go, you would not need to go through the setup process.